Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy at Advanced Orthopaedic Centers treats a wide range of conditions. It helps to improve physical strength, range of motion, and assists with normal activities of daily living. Some of the more common conditions that respond well to Physical Therapy include acute injuries, trauma, total joint replacement and other degenerative joint conditions, arthritis, and post-operative care.

Physical therapy at Advanced Orthopaedic Centers involves a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment plan. You will have a dedicated Physical Therapist work with you throughout your rehabilitation program, to assist you in reaching your goals.

Physical Therapists

Danial Khan, DPT

– Doctor of Physical Therapy

Abubakar Sharif, PTA

– Physical Therapist Assistant

Conditions We Treat

Whether you need relief from pain or just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle through our Wellness or Injury Prevention programs, Physical therapy can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Treatments may include manual therapy, gait training, range-of-motion, strengthening, traction, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercise, and other pain relieving modalities.

  • Acute injuries
  • Trauma
  • Total joint replacement
  • Degenerative joint conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Post-operative care

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Our Sports Medicine And Rehabilitation Program focuses on you as the athlete, as well as your sport. We will assist you in reaching your goals. Whether you want to treat a current injury or improve your game, our Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapist can help you return you to the competition.

A trained therapist at Advanced Orthopaedic Centers will conduct a thorough evaluation and create a program just for you. In addition to treating an existing injury, our therapist will teach you how to prevent injuries in the future. Whether you are a high school or college student injured on the field, or just a weekend warrior, our Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Program was designed with you in mind.

hand_therapyOur customized hand therapy program will assist you in reaching your rehabilitation goals, and help you get through your day without pain. By using a multidisciplinary team approach, which includes working closely with our Hand Surgeon, each patient will receive highly skilled care given by our Certified Hand Therapist. Hand Therapists have extensive training in treating a wide variety of traumatic injuries and chronic conditions of the hand, wrist, arm and elbow.

Our Hand Therapist here at Advanced Orthopaedic Centers, John Graham, PT, CHT, CSCS, is a leader in the treatment of upper extremity and hand injuries in South Jersey. He will meet with you to create a customized program, which may include soft tissue mobilization, hands-on manipulation, therapeutic exercises, job simulation, splinting and possibly casting if necessary.

Our goal is to help reduce the risk of re-injury and restore function in the shortest period of time possible.

occup_therapyThis program has been designed to simplify the recovery process following a work related injury. From the initial assessment and treatment by our physicians, to the end of the rehabilitation process and the return to work, Advanced Orthopaedic Centers will work closely with the employee, employer, and case manager. All communication will be expedited in a timely and accurate way.

Our physical therapists use effective treatment tools and modalities to ensure the fastest recovery possible for the injured employee, and help to prevent any future injuries following their return to work.

health_wellnessAdvanced Orthopaedic Centers offer health and wellness programs for individuals who want to maintain their good health. We provide customized programs including exercise and weight management. We offer this for our patients who have completed their rehabilitation program, and for those who have not been previously treated by us for injuries.

Our therapists will be available by appointment to offer their assistance and to discuss your goals.

Post-Operative Physical Therapy

After surgery, your journey to recovery begins with the right care. At Advanced Orthopaedic Centers, our Post-Operative Physical Therapy is tailored to help you regain strength, mobility, and confidence. Our expert therapists work closely with your medical team to design a personalized rehabilitation plan, ensuring a smooth and effective recovery process. From joint replacements to spinal surgeries, we’re committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcomes. Your healing, our priority.

Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Back in the game, stronger than ever. Our Sports Injury Rehabilitation program at Advanced Orthopaedic Centers is designed for athletes of all levels. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a competitive athlete, our specialized therapists understand the urgency and importance of getting you back to your sport safely and efficiently. We use cutting-edge techniques and personalized care plans to treat a range of sports injuries, from sprains and strains to post-surgical rehabilitation. Let’s work together to restore your performance and exceed your goals.

FAQs About Physical Therapy

A significant number of patients experience improvement following physical therapy. According to a survey by the American Physical Therapy Association, approximately 70% of patients reported noticeable improvement in their condition after completing their prescribed physical therapy regimen.

Physical therapy has been shown to be highly effective in managing chronic pain. Research indicates that up to 80% of patients with chronic pain conditions see an improvement in their pain levels and physical function after undergoing physical therapy.

Sports injuries are one of the most common reasons for seeking physical therapy. Studies suggest that about 90% of athletes who undergo physical therapy for sports-related injuries return to their sport at the same or higher level of performance.

Physical therapy is a critical component of post-operative care for many surgeries. It’s estimated that over 85% of patients undergoing joint replacement surgery participate in some form of physical therapy as part of their recovery process.

The long-term benefits of physical therapy are substantial. About 60% of patients who adhere to their physical therapy programs report sustained improvements in mobility and pain reduction, even several years after completing therapy.

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